Arcturus Theater Company Productions

Goya's Los Caprichos


Our original interpretation of the set of prints collectively known as Los Caprichos, Francisco Goya's commentary on oppression in Spain (1798-1799).  For each collection of scenes, we created pieces of narratives, based on Goya’s descriptions of his images. Set to new music by Armando Bayolo using referential techniques Goya himself used. This is a work in progress with seven musicians performing live from Great Noise Ensemble.  A preview was performed at the Kennedy Center on September 1, 2018.  Other sets of songs, grouped by theme, will be rolled out beginning in the Fall of 2019.


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Margeaux Martine and Willem Krumich perform at the Kennedy Center

Musicians from Great Noise Ensemble

Margeaux Martine and Willem Krumich

Photos by Laura Ogelman


Sponsor: SPAIN arts & culture